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Lecturer at work at SSU published about 350 scientific papers. They participated in 29 international and 45 national congresses, conventions and conferences. Students participate in national competitions and international congresses and occupy prizes. Students published 142 articles, 94 reports made at the final conference of the Institute.

Since 2010, produced by the Department carries out research work "Reproductive health of women Sumy region" № 0110U007596, within which carried Ph.D. dissertation: "Treatment of pregnant women with abundance of bacterial and viral infection," "placental dysfunction in women with metabolic syndrome, "" Prevention of postoperative complications in women in older age groups "," Features of pregnancy and childbirth in abnormal placentation, "" Prevention and treatment of pre-involution of the reproductive system in endometriosis, "" Cesarean section in women with infertility of various origins, "" placental dysfunction in women with a history hyperandrogeny. "

Since 2011 incorporated and implemented the second research project "Diagnosis and prediction of trace element deficiency and imbalance in the mother-placenta-fetus-newborn depending on age pregnant if the first birth."

The chair is made permanent training of the teaching staff in the magistrates (reserved 17 master works, 15 works performed) and postgraduate (study 4 aspirants). After successfully defending his master works Zvyahelska OV, Shevchenko T. and Kiyanenko VA continue studying in graduate school, Kalashnik NV successfully defended his thesis in 2011


Main results of the department:

2 doctor's thesis (Zhernovaya J., 1996, V. Boyko, 2008);

10 Ph.D. theses (SA Smiyan - 1996, L. Semeniuk - 1997, ML Kuzemenskiy - 2005, T. M Hrinkevych - 2005, AI-Duzha Elastal - 2007, V. Markevich - 2008, NA Ikonopistseva - 2008, I. Nikitin - 2009, Babar TV - 2011, Kalashnik NV . - 2011);

thoroughly studied purulent-septic complications after cesarean section;

studied and applied integrative approach to reproductive health;

developed measures of obstetric hemorrhage;

developed and implemented methods of puerperal septic diseases;

developed and implemented treatment of genital herpes native medicine named proteflazidum;

introduced lymphotropic treatment of genital inflammation;

patented 5 new ways to treat, "A method for treating genital herpes" (2004), "Method of lymphotropic therapy of acute and chronic diseases of the uterus" (2005), "Method for rehabilitation of women who had peritonitis after abdominal cesarean" (2007 .), "Method for predicting septic complications after abdominal cesarean" (2007), "A method of preventing growth retardation using nitric oxide donor" (2010)

proposed for implementation in practice and LPZ issued a newsletter about innovation in the health care system "method of preventing growth retardation using nitric oxide donor" (2010)

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